CAP-XX is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of supercapacitors for three core markets:

  • Commercial and Industrial electronics;
  • Consumer hand-held devices; and
  • Clean energy solutions.

CAP-XX has a significant research and development team based at its headquarters in Sydney, together with global sales and marketing, applications engineering, quality assurance and administration, electrode manufacturing, raw materials sourcing and certification. Device assembly and distribution is managed by two manufacturing partners in Malaysia.

CAP-XX’s principal research focus is on the development of high energy hybrid supercapacitors suitable for use in a range of automotive and utilities applications, and surface mount devices able to be used in automated production lines for consumer electronics using reflow solder ovens.

CAP-XX’s principal development focus is on supercapacitor modules and control circuits suitable for use in the automobile industry, such as Stop-Start systems and regenerative braking (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems), and on enhancements to performance and reduction in manufacturing cost of the existing line of small supercapacitors.

A licensing agreement is in place with Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Japan to manufacture and distribute a range of small supercapacitors based on CAP-XX’s patent-protected technology.