Group Strategy

CAP-XX is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of supercapacitors. CAP-XX achieves this through a two-pronged strategy of licencing technology to third parties and directly manufacturing and selling supercapacitors globally. CAP-XX’s own manufactured products are primarily focused on enabling 7 different markets for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

CAP-XX has a significant research and development team based at its headquarters in Sydney, together with global sales support and marketing, applications engineering, quality assurance and administration, electrode manufacturing, raw materials sourcing and certification. Device assembly and distribution is managed by manufacturing sites in Sydney and Malaysia.

CAP-XX’s principal research focus is on the development of high energy surface mountable supercapacitors suitable for assembly in automated production lines using reflow solder ovens.

License agreements have been signed with Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Japan, AVX Corporation of USA, TDK Corporation of Japan and Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Inc of USA to manufacture and sell a range of supercapacitors based on CAP-XX’s patent-protected technology.