CAP-XX Prismatic Supercapacitors

CAP-XX ultra-low ESR prismatic supercaps offer a wide product range from 90mF – 2.4F, 1-3.9mm thick with 4 footprints and 2 ranges, G (5V, -40°C to +70°C) & H (5.5V, -40°C to 85°C). The ranges are available as dual cell modules suitable for most batteries and electronics (5V or 5.5V) or single cells which are a thinner lower cost option for lower voltage electronics. Dual cell modules require cell balancing while single cells do not. CAP-XX G & H thin prismatic supercapacitors are ultra-low ESR product ranges suitable for peak power delivery and to provide backup power in case of interruptions. Their ultra-low ESR and leakage current make them an ideal power puffer between a low power energy source such as a coin cell or micro-energy harvester and a high power load such as data transmission over NB IoT or LTE CAT M1. ESR at -40°C is only 2 – 2.5 x ESR at room temperature so these supercapacitors deliver very high power in North American and Northern European winters. These supercapacitor ranges are perfect for when space is constrained and / or a sleek industrial design is required. They offer a very wide range of parts so there will be an option tailored to your needs.

CAP-XX Prismatic Supercapacitor Product Guide

H series have higher operating voltage and max temperature while G series have lower ESR where power is important.