CAP-XX Cylindrical Cell Supercapacitors

CAP-XX offers a wide range of cylindrical cells that are cost effective to meet your needs from energy storage to pulse power delivery, from low currents in the mA range up to 2000A.

The small 2.7V cells are available as dual cell modules suitable for most batteries and electronics up to 5.5V. These dual cell modules include a choice cell balancing. Large cell modules can be ordered to suit the required voltage, e.g. 16V or 48V.

These cells have low leakage current, typical leakage current settles at ~1uA/F, so a 10F cell will typically have ~10uA leakage current. Low ESRs enable excellent power delivery. This makes these cells ideal as a power buffer between a low power energy source such as a low power battery, or a micro-energy harvester and a high power load such as data transmission, actuator, solenoid, etc. ESR at -40°C ranges from 2 – 6 x ESR at room temperature depending on the part, so some are able to deliver very high power in North American and Northern European winters.

The large cell range can deliver enormous power, ~5.5KW for a single cell. We have constructed 6 cell 16V modules that deliver up to 30KW to start a 16L class 8 truck. These large cell modules can also provide backup power for a maintenance free UPS to ride through power interruptions to maintain power while a diesel generator starts.

GY2R7 series  |  2.7V, -40C to +65C, 1F – 100F, radial leads

GY2R7 low ESR series   |  2.7V, -40C to +65C, 1F – 850F, ultra low ESR for high power applications.

HY2R7 series   |  2.7V, -40C to +65C, and can operate up to +85C when de-rated to 2.5V/cell.

GY3R0 series   |  3V, -40C to +65C, 1F – 50F, radial leads, designed to support 3V batteries and 3V electronics.

Large cell GY2R7 series   |  2.7V, -40C to +65C, 650F – 3000F, screw terminals, 60mm dia. cells over 2000A peak discharge current.