Supercapacitors provide backup power

A supercapacitor can store ~1000x more energy than a traditional capacitor to act as a reliable, maintenance free backup energy source, even for high power loads, to save critical data and allow a graceful shutdown when power is lost. CAP-XX’s ultra-low-profile, low ESR, prismatic supercapacitors can be easily integrated into any device where size is critical, whilst our cylindrical cells offer a low-cost higher C alternative if size is not crucial.

Supercapacitors provide both peak and backup power

An unexpected loss in power can cause havoc: loss of irreplaceable cached data, corruption of a transaction, or damage without a graceful shutdown. Thus, temporary backup power is a common requirement for a range of applications in case the main power source is interrupted or lost.

Many system designs integrate a secondary battery which suffer from long charge times, limited cycle life, reliability issues, large physical size, limited power, and limited operating temperature range. However, supercapacitors can act as a backup power source without these limitations. Supercapacitors use physical charge storage, can be charged “instantaneously”, with virtually unlimited cycle life, and their health is easily monitored.

One important application is SSD backup. If there is a power interruption to an SSD the data in cache RAM will be lost which may corrupt the SSD and make all data on the SSD unrecoverable. A supercapacitor provides backup power to flush the cache to flash memory and allow a graceful shutdown. Larger supercapacitor modules can also support high power and be the energy store for a short duration maintenance free UPS supporting a server or multiple critical machines.

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