Corporate Development

CAP-XX was established in 1997 to develop and commercialise supercapacitor technology initiated by the CSIRO and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in Australia. Significant milestones include:


CAP-XX purchased Murata Manufacturing Co’s supercapacitor production lines. Cornell-Dublier Electronics Inc agrees to licence patents in order to finalise patent infringement taken by CAP-XX


Manufacturing licence sold to TDK for small prismatic supercapacitors


Awarded SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Australasia’s platinum award for overall engineering excellence


Manufacturing licence sold to AVX for medium and large supercapacitors


First truckStart product for the automotive market developed


New PIP1 and PIP2 small prismatic supercapacitors released providing extended performance at a lower cost


1400F prismatic cells and 16V modules protypes provided to automotive OEMs and components manufacturers for studies in micro-hybrid vehicles. Murata launches the revolutionary DMF series supercapacitors based on CAP-XX’s technology.


Further characterisation and field testing of large prismatic cells and modules for automotive and other applications is completed, including demonstrations of cold weather performance. Murata continues to extend its line of CAP-XX-derived supercapacitors with the launch of the long life DMG series.


A new line of high energy supercapacitor cells and modules for use in automotive and other larger-scale applications developed and tested. Murata launches the DME and DMD series supercapacitors.


CAP-XX completes the development of the world’s first surface mount-capable, high power supercapacitor. Murata commences volume production of its EDLC products based on technology licensed from CAP-XX.


Agreement signed with Nationgate Technology Manufacturing of Malaysia to provide a second source manufacturing facility, and a primary source for the smaller footprint “A” and “Z” devices.


Licensing agreement signed with Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Japan to manufacture and sell small, prismatic supercapacitors powered by CAP-XX’s patent-protected, industry-leading technology.


CAP-XX Ltd lists on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market.


Manufacturing agreement signed with Polar Twin Advance of Malaysia. Key global distributor relationships established and production quantities of key products begin shipping.


Additional production line components are installed and assembly automation completed. Sales tripled over the previous year.


New electrolyte technology is developed to meet the needs of key customers. This involves partnering with Vision Systems/Invetech, an Australian company with world-leading expertise in manufacturing and commercialisation of technology, to develop major production line components.


Series B funding is provided by Intel, Acer, and a number of global IT companies and venture capital organizations. Research and Development and Applications Engineering leaders are appointed, and the company launches its key products. An R&D Start Grant is received from the Australian Government.


Series A funding is completed and the company’s first wireless mobile product design is delivered.


CAP-XX ships its first product order. Seed capital is raised to build a pilot production plant. A predictive supercapacitor model is developed.


CAP-XX receives its first engineering sample order for a thin, flat supercapacitor. Anthony Kongats is appointed CEO.


ESS receives a US-Australian government research grant. CAP-XX is established as a wholly owned operating subsidiary of ESS. ESS licenses CAP-XX to develop and commercialise its intellectual property.


Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is launched to commercialise the intellectual property arising from CSIRO’s supercapacitor research efforts.


Anthony Kongats (founder of CAP-XX) partners with CSIRO to research and commercialise supercapacitor technology.