Investor Relations

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Our results for the half-year ended 31 December 2018 are as follows:

Key Highlights

  • Total Sales Revenue of A$1.6 million (2017: A$1.5 million) up 4%
  • Increased like for like gross margin of 54.1% (2017: 49.1%) due to the realisation of the Company’s previously announced manufacturing initiatives*
  • Continuing improvement in EBITDA performance. EBITDA loss reduced to A$1.0 million (2017: loss A$1.4 million) **
  • TDK license arrangement completed in October 2018. Ongoing licencing negotiations with numerous other international parties are at varying stages
  • Sales pipeline for prismatic and cylindrical can supercapacitors are at historically high levels. the Company is reviewing options for additional production capacity. In the short term, due to worldwide economic uncertainties, the timing of when certain significant pipeline projects may move to mass production stage remains unclear
  • Product development initiatives remain on track, particularly for the 3 Volt product
  • 5% reduction in year on year overhead expenses of A$2.8 million ( 2017: A$3.0 million) excluding share based payments expense
  • Cash reserves as at 31 December 2018 were A$4.6 million (2017: A$1.5 million) which includes the proceeds of the equity subscription in November 2018 (£1.75 million) and the R&D Tax Rebate of A$1.6 million
  • * Current period Gross Margin result and prior comparative Gross Margin results have been adjsuted to reflect changes in the accounting policy for Gross Margin as set out in Note 2.

    ** EBITDA excludes amortisation of employee share options.