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Our results for the half-year ended 31 December 2020 are as follows:

Key Highlights

    • Adjusted EBITDA profit was A$0.32 million compared to the corresponding half-year loss of A$(0.44 million) *.
    • EBITDA loss of A$0.9 million * (2019: loss of A$0.8 million*) is in line with the corresponding half-year period to 31 December 2019, but does include the Murata Project expenditure of A$2.0 million (2019:Nil).
    • Total Sales Revenue of A$2.1 million (2019: A$1.9 million) up 10%
    • Product Revenue of A$1.7 million (2019: A$1.4 million) is up 26%
    • Royalty and license fees were $0.4 million (2019: A$0.6 million)
    • Project to transfer the Murata manufacturing assets have made excellent progress with key project deliverables and milestones on track
    • Order book double the level at the same time last year driven by IoT markets. Customer demand building. Potential demand already exceeds annual capacity
    • Increasing interest from global multinational companies. Design win achieved with Tier 1 Auto supplier. Approved as supplier to global smart phone manufacturer
    • Vigorously pursuing several companies for patent infringement
    • Operating expenses of A$2.5 million (2019: A$2.8 million) , excluding share based payments expense and Murata project expenses, reduced due to lower patent infringement expenses and overseas travel
    • Cash reserves at the end of December 2020 were $0.5 million (2019: A$1.8 million) whcih does include the proceeds of the R&D Tax rebate of A$3.1 million received in January 2021.

* EBITDA excludes amortisation of employee share options. Adjusted EBITDA excludes excludes amortisation of employee share options, Murata projects costs and  any related R&D tax rebate, patent infringement expenses and AASB16 lease costs