Supercapacitors enable small energy harvesters for IoT

Wireless sensors are everywhere as IoT applications grow, from monitoring & control, medical, wearables, location tracking and others. Powering them is a problem which supercapacitors solve.

The environment has abundant energy but delivered at low power

Wireless sensors are becoming ubiquitous. They are used in applications ranging from HVAC, industrial control, condition monitoring, security monitoring, wearables, medical, and location tracking. Providing power to these sensors can be a problem – it is too expensive to wire power to them, and batteries require replacement and disposal. The environment on the other hand, can provide effectively infinite energy but at very low power using a small energy harvester. These sensor applications usually have a low duty cycle with a high peak power requirement to periodically or sporadically gather and transmit data drawing very low average power. This makes them ideal to be powered from an energy harvester coupled with a supercapacitor. The energy harvester can charge the supercapacitor directly, or supplies a power management IC which charges the supercapacitor at very low power, and the supercapacitor provides the peak power burst for the sensor to collect and transmit data.

See Application Brief Supercapacitors Enable Energy Harvesters to Power Wireless Sensors.