CAP-XX Products: A Technology Overview

CAP-XX products are the result of pioneering supercapacitor research, materials expertise and superior production technologies.

Supercapacitor Schematic

CAP-XX’s breakthrough technology delivers supercapacitors with unrivaled power density, excellent energy density, high frequency response, low leakage current, operating voltages of us to 2.75V and operating temperature ranges of up to +85°C.

Each supercapacitor cell contains several layers of paired electrodes. Dual cell modules (two cell connected in series) are also available to meet applications at 4.5 – 5.5V.

The current product mix includes a range of some 20 single cell and dual cell products, in four package sizes. This provides a wide selection of energy and power options, in mechanical sizes and thicknesses to suit a hots of industrial, consumer and transportation applications.

Product Highlights
High capacitance (100mF to 1500F)
Low ESR (0.25 to 150mΩ)
Small footprint & wafer-thin profile (to 0.6mm)
Superior thermal characteristics (-40ºC to +85ºC)
Light-weight packaging (< 1g)
Environmentally friendly