Energous and CAP-XX Partner to Develop Battery-Free Wirelessly Powered IoT devices for a Range of IoT Applications

CAP-XX’s supercapacitors combined with Energous’ wireless power technology to enable maintenance-free IoT devices that do not require battery replacement

SAN JOSE, Calif. & SYDNEY, Australia — November 30, 2022Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT), a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, and CAP-XX Limited (LSE:CPX) — the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical, and Lithium-Ion supercapacitors — today announced a partnership to develop solutions that combine Energous’ WattUp technology with CAP-XX’s high-performance supercapacitors. The companies are partnering to pave the way for battery free IoT devices powered by Energous’s wireless power technology and CAP-XX long life supercapacitors.

“One of the critical challenges hindering large-scale IoT deployment is the problem of constant battery replacement in each of those IoT devices,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “We are partnering with CAP-XX to eliminate battery replacements and reduce cost of maintenance, thus enabling IoT devices at scale.

CAP-XX is a leader in the design and manufacture of thin, flat supercapacitors used in portable and small-scale electronic devices. Its supercapacitors feature high power density and high energy storage capacity in a space-efficient prismatic package, essential in internet-connected devices deployed in space-constrained electronics applications. CAP-XX thinnest supercapacitor is 0.4mm thick, about half the thickness of a credit card. CAP-XX supercapacitors provide peak power support for pulsed loads, secure power back-up for mission critical applications, and battery-independent power storage while also reducing the weight, cost and size of batteries, component cost and number and environmental impact.

“The combination of our supercapacitors with Energous’ WattUp over-the-air wireless power technology will provide a much-needed solution to one of IoT’s main headaches: the need for constant battery replacement,” said Anthony Kongats, CEO at CAP-XX. “We are excited to work closely with Energous to develop a groundbreaking solution for the fast-growing ecosystem of IoT devices.”

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About Energous Corporation
Energous Corporation (Nasdaq: WATT) is the Wireless Power Network global leader. Its award-winning WattUp® solution is the only technology that supports both contact and distance charging through a fully compatible ecosystem. Built atop fast, efficient, and highly scalable RF-based charging technology, WattUp is positioned to offer improvements over older, first-generation coil-based charging technologies in power, efficiency, foreign device detection, freedom of movement and overall cost for industrial and retail IoT, smart homes, smart cities and medical devices. Energous develops silicon-based wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies and customizable reference designs, and provides worldwide regulatory assistance, a reliable supply chain, quality assurance, and sales and technical support to global customers. The company received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance wireless charging and has been awarded over 200 patents for its WattUp wireless charging technology to-date.

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About CAP-XX
CAP-XX is the leader in the design and manufacture of supercapacitors, including ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical and hybrid (lithium-ion capacitors), for managing burst power, micro energy harvesting and backup power needs in portable and IoT devices. CAP-XX also offers large, powerful supercapacitor modules for engine start and other microgrid/grid/power correction applications up to 2000V. CAP-XX prismatic supercapacitors are manufactured in Australia and Malaysia and its cylindrical and hybrid supercapacitors are manufactured in China and the USA. The company’s strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes 11 patent families. CAP-XX’s ultra-thin prismatic supercapacitors are ideal for space-constrained electronics applications where small energy storage device size and thickness are critical. Visit https://www.cap-xx.com/
or email sales@cap-xx.com.

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