Custom power design services

Let our experts quickly solve your supercapacitor and battery design problem.

Our in-house highly skilled electrical engineers can help with the full range of supercapacitor and battery design solutions:

  • Micro-controller circuits to manage supercapacitor and battery charging, health monitoring and communications including various serial protocols such as CANBUS, Bluetooth and Ethernet etc.
  • Optimum sizing of your supercapacitor and battery taking into account equivalent series resistance
  • Accurate lifespan balancing – size your supercapacitor and battery to achieve your desired life
  • Design charging circuits that manage supercapacitors and batteries – a discharged supercapacitor will look like a short circuit.
  • Cell balancing and current limit circuits
  • Measure and test supercapacitors and batteries

Our track record speaks for itself…

Below are some of the design solutions we have provided for our global clients:

Wireless sensor energy harvesting solutions using small solar cells in varying light conditions and vibration transducers. The energy harvester charges the supercapacitor at very low power and the supercapacitor supplies pulse power for data acquisition and transmission.

Low power battery solutions, where the battery trickle charges the supercapacitor and the supercapacitor provides pulse power for various applications including:

  • Data acquisition and transmission such as automatic meter reading with a Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery
  • Small coin cell powering a sensor reporting on BLE, with the supercapacitor providing the pulse burst for data transmission
  • A wearable insulin patch with a small coin cell charging a supercapacitor which delivers pulse power for an insulin pump.

Back up power using a supercapacitor to allow:

  • a graceful shutdown of a unit
  • saving of data, for example saving data in cache RAM to Flash in an SSD
  • a last gasp transmission when a battery fails
  • setting a lock in a safe mode when a battery, or mains power fails.

Large cell, high power supercapacitor modules for engine cranking and transient support in hybrid electric vehicles including:

  • Bi-directional buck boost for charging of the supercapacitor module from the 12V rail at a controlled current to a target voltage or supplying the 12V rail from the supercapacitor
  • Providing transient support for high power loads such as power steering and braking
  • Active balance circuit that is not just over-voltage protection but maintains all cells close to their target voltage, for a 6-cell module this is module voltage/6. The module voltage may vary from 6V – 15V and the cell target voltage will vary from 1V to 2.5V accordingly.

Custom Modules

Do you require custom modules? For large orders we are able to design custom modules for your application. Anything from 2 to hundreds of cells packaged together. What is the right package for you? Your order may also require some electronics such as described above. Ask us to design the best solution.

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