CAP-XX Adds Supercap-Expert CAPCOMP as Representative in DACH Region of EU


Specializing in supporting the design of supercapacitor-based system solutions, CAPCOMP will represent CAP-XX’s full line of prismatic, cylindrical and Lithium-Ion supercapacitors.

Sydney, Australia – March 8, 2023 – CAP-XX Limited (LSE:CPX), the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical, and Lithium-Ion supercapacitors, announced that it has secured supercapacitor-expert CAPCOMP GmbH as a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for its full line of high-performance Supercaps in the DACH region of the EU. CAPCOMP specializes in supercapacitors for automotive and industrial markets including for power electronics and energy storage, supporting the design of supercapacitor-based system solutions. With German-speaking representatives, CAPCOMP brings specialized expertise to companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

CAP-XX’s wide variety of supercapacitors is now available from CAPCOMP, all offering 10-plus years life, or 1,000,000 charge discharge cycles, and operating in -40 to 85° C environments:
• Ultra-thin supercapacitors 35mF to 2.4F
• Cylindrical supercaps, radial, snap-in, large terminal 0.5F – 3000F
LIC hybrid supercaps 10F – 220F
• Coin cell types: horizontal. /Vertical. mounting 0.1F – 1.5F
• Large module type 16V – 2000V

“CAPCOMP is a much sought after technology partner, and we are happy to have secured them to help us meet the demands of design engineers in the EU,” said Marco Ranalli at CAP-XX.

“With our more than 17 years of experience in ultracaps, and complementary power electronic components such as electrolytic capacitors and power-semiconductors, we contribute to ensuring that designers and developers can use these components optimally for their application – not only from a technical but also from an economic point of view,” said Rainer Hake, GM of CAPCOMP GmbH.

About CAP-XX
CAP-XX is the leader in the design and manufacture of supercapacitors, including ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical and hybrid (lithium-ion capacitors), for managing burst power, micro energy harvesting and backup power needs in portable and IoT devices. CAP-XX also offers large, powerful supercapacitor modules for engine start and other microgrid/grid/power correction applications up to 2000V. CAP-XX prismatic supercapacitors are manufactured in Australia and Malaysia and its cylindrical and hybrid supercapacitors are manufactured in China and the USA. The company’s strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes 11 patent families. CAP-XX’s ultra-thin prismatic supercapacitors are ideal for space-constrained electronics applications where small energy storage device size and thickness are critical. Visit or email

CAPCOMP was founded in 2005 with the idea to introduce the new technology of Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), or supercaps, to the Central European Market. This long-term path with technology-driven discussions with customers in the automotive field, wind industry, power storage applications and many more, created a profound technical background in EDLC technology and its related applications. Today our partners and customers rely on this know-how. Besides this consultancy, CAPCOMP offers competitive conditions and logistic service for all our partners from our own warehouse in Germany. (

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