RGM SpA Selects CAP-XX 3000F Supercaps for Automotive Energy Storage Module

RGM SpA chose the CAP-XX 3000F, 2.85 volt cylindrical supercapacitors for their ability to store and release large amounts of energy for the industrial automotive market

Sydney, Australia – July 20, 2021 – CAP-XX Limited (LSE:CPX), the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic and high-power cylindrical supercapacitors, announced that RGM SpA, specialized in the development and production of custom power conversion and energy storage systems for industrial, transportation and medical applications, has selected the CAP-XX GY12R860138VS308L – 3000F high-power cylindrical supercapacitors for RGM’s new Automotive Energy Storage Module. RGM chose the CAP-XX 3000F, 2.85-volt supercapacitors for their distinctive ability to store and release large amounts of energy and power for the industrial automotive market.

The energy storage module is developed to be used in the automotive sector by strategic RGM customers.

The RGM supercapacitor module, based on the CAP-XX 3000F, 2.85V cell is capable of storing high energy and delivering a large amount of power very quickly. To achieve this capability, two 15-cell submodules are connected in series to each other, with the single 100F, 85.5V module capable of storing 100Wh and of delivering 150KW maximum instantaneous power.

The CAP-XX GY12R860138VS308L cylindrical supercapacitor features include:

  • 3000F / 2.85 Volts
  • 60 x 138 mm
  • Very low ESR (DC) of 0.29mΩ
  • Up to 1,000,000 charge / discharge cycles

“The high-power CAP-XX supercapacitor enables us to pack the power needed for the automotive market,” said Pasquale Schifano, Technical Sales Manager at RGM.

“We are proud to support RGM with the high energy and power density needed in their Automotive Energy Storage Module,” said Marco Ranalli, GM Europe at CAP-XX. “Our full line of large-cell cylindrical supercapacitors are excellent purveyors of power for high-power industrial applications.”

About CAP-XX

CAP-XX (LSE:CPX) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-thin prismatic and compact cylindrical supercapacitors. Its prismatic supercapacitors are manufactured in Australia and Malaysia and its cylindrical supercapacitors are manufactured in China. The company’s strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes 21 patents worldwide. CAP-XX’s ultra-thin prismatic supercapacitors are ideal for space-constrained electronics applications where small energy storage device size and thickness are important. The unique feature of CAP-XX supercapacitors is their very high-power density and high-energy storage capacity in space-efficient thin prismatic and compact cylindrical packages. For more information about CAP-XX, visit https://www.cap-xx.com/ or email sales@cap-xx.com.

About RGM SpA

RGM SpA was founded in 1986 by a small group of people dedicated to production of power supplies.  During the years, RGM SpA expanded its product offering, specializing in the creation of complex custom systems for power conversion for a wide range of applications in transportation, hybrid systems and energy storage, industrial and medical markets. For more information see https://www.RGM SpA.it

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