APPEB1002 – General Purpose Evaluation Board


The CAP-XX APPEB1002 evaluation board allows for quick assessment of various design options for supercapacitor. It is primarily designed to evaluate the performance of a supercapacitor for peak power or backup power delivery when coupled with any energy source.

Main Features

  • PCB supports entire range of CAP-XX supercapacitors (Less than or equal to 100F)
  • Supports both single and dual cell supercapacitors
  • Supports multiple charging options
    • Direct charging – no current limit
    • Simple CAP-XX soft-start design
    • Input current always limited by a current limit IC, limit selectable by a resistor
  • Supports multiple cell balancing options
    • Single cell, no balancing
    • Resistor balancing
    • Very low quiescent current active balancing

Note: The APPEB1002 Evaluation Board is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. If there is a significant delay shipping your order, CAP-XX will notify you via email or telephone.


Click Here – General Purpose CAP-XX Supercapacitor Evaluation Board Manual  


Minimum 1 units