Investor Relations

Welcome to the CAP-XX Investor Relations Centre. Here we aim to provide current and potential investors with access to historical and up-to-date information, including share price and trades, press releases, announcements and annual reports, along with other financial related materials and tools.

Our results for the year ended 30 June 2023 are as follows:

Key Highlights

    • Product sales and total revenue down 35% on last year
    • Gross margin of 43% broadly in line with last year
    • Adjusted EBITDA loss* of A$1.3 million, is up on the previous year (A$0.5 million) primarily due to the costs associated with the change in CEO
    • Outstanding committed order backlog up by 75% on the same time last year
    • Pipeline of new products and services to meet the changing customer requirements and enhance competitive market position
    • CAP-XX continues to pursue patent infringement action against Maxwell Technologies (which is still a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesla Inc.) and other parties. Operating expenses were negatively impacted by A$1.5 million of associated legal expenditure, down A$1.0 million on prior year
    • Royalty contribution is primarily from AVX, with court proceedings in place to ensure payments reflect what is properly owed
    • CAP-XX cash reserves as at 30 June 2023 were A$2.6 million, which does not include a A$1.1 million revolving line of credit drawdown funded by a A$2.0 million R&D tax rebate which is due during H1 of FY2024Royalty contribution is primarily from AVX with court proceedings in place to ensure payments reflect what is properly owed
    • * Adjusted to exclude legal expenses for patent infringement ,CEO transition expenditure, bad debt provision and the amortisation of share-based payment expenses.