CAP-XX finalizes two new international patents for its supercapacitor technology

  • CAP-XX has secured two new international patents, strengthening its patent protection in over 150 countries.
  • One of the company’s new patents relates to its new cylindrical surface mount technology, which can act as a game-changer for how supercapacitors are mounted to printed circuit boards.
  • CAP-XX’s second new international patent relates to a polymer system that can bind together the active materials used in supercapacitors.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – CAP-XX has successfully filed two international patent applications, strengthening its patent protection for its supercapacitor technology in over 150 countries.

The first new international patent CAP-XX has secured will provide market protection for the company’s new cylindrical surface mount technology (SMT), which has the potential to revolutionize the way supercapacitors are mounted to printed circuit boards. CAP-XX has developed unique combinations of supercapacitor materials with SMT packaging that can withstand the high temperatures experienced in a reflow oven. The energy and power density of these new SMT supercapacitors are comparable to standard non-reflowable products used on today’s market.

CAP-XX’s second new international patent relates to an innovative polymer system that binds together the active materials used in supercapacitors. The new binder system demonstrates excellent high-temperature stability, solid electrode processability, and superior final device electrical performance. Notably, the binder technology, used exclusively with aqueous electrode slurries, improves the environmental attributes of the organic solvents typically used in electrode manufacture. Apart from standard electric double-layer supercapacitor electrodes, the binder system developed by CAP-XX could also be applied to manufacture battery electrodes.

Commenting on the company’s new patents, Lars Stegmann, CEO of CAP-XX, said:

“I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to reinforce our intellectual property portfolio and secure global protection for these new technologies. We plan to deliver our new SMT products in tape and reel packaging to allow and support our customers in producing them in high volumes. Meanwhile, we’ve already passed all the required feasibility testing on a production coating line for our new polymer system.”


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About CAP-XX: 

CAP-XX is a leader in designing and manufacturing supercapacitors, including ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical and hybrid products, for managing burst power, micro energy harvesting and backup power needs in portable and IoT devices. The company also offers large, powerful supercapacitor modules for engine start and other microgrid, grid and power correction applications up to 2000V. 

CAP-XX’s prismatic supercapacitors are manufactured in Australia and Malaysia and are ideal for space-constrained electronics applications where small energy storage device size and thickness are critical. Its cylindrical and hybrid supercapacitors are made in China and the USA. The company is ISO 9001 certified, is working towards ISO 14001 certification and has a robust intellectual property portfolio, including 11 patent families.

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