Introduction from the Cap-xx CEO

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Hello, I’m Anthony Kongats, the CEO of CAP-XX and I want to personally welcome you to the first of many CAP-XX Supercapacitor BLOGs!

CAP-XX is a leading manufacturer of supercapacitors.  We’ve been designing and manufacturing supercaps for 20 years!  CAP-XX makes the thinnest board mounted prismatic supercap (.4mm thick) all the way up to the large 60mm diameter 3000F cells. Please check out our product line

Recently CAP-XX has acquired the Murata Supercapacitor business. See table below for the Murata supercaps that are now added to the existing CAP-XX line of 39 super thin, board mounted, prismatic 2.7V and 5.5V supercaps. The new caps will be manufactured in Australia on the exact same highly automated Murata production lines, the products will retain the exact same specifications as the Murata Supercapacitors.

Check out our Murata Supercaps, now from CAP-XX.

Again, welcome to our new CAP-XX Blog. Future blogs will include information on great applications for a CAP-XX supercap, details on upcoming new product introductions and interesting news from the world of energy storage and supercapacitors.