Automotive Applications

Supercapacitors are seen as an enabling technology for resolving critical vehicle power requirements. Drivetrain Solutions Engine cranking and acceleration require significant bursts of power, whilst deceleration and braking can generate very high charging currents, which can be recaptured and reused. Batteries are too large, too heavy, too slow to charge, too limited in power delivery, […]

Location Tracking Devices

Industrial tracking devices can be subject to harsh conditions (constant vibration, with little opportunity for maintenance) and power supply challenges (closed systems, providing independent, secure power for long periods of time, supporting GPS, communications, and sensor functions). CAP-XX supercapacitors, in conjunction with long-life Lithium or alkaline batteries, provide the additional power needed to run tracking […]

Medical Devices

Demand is increasing in the medical device market for pulse power solutions in appliances such as insulin pumps. There is also a growing medical telemetric market that couple GPRS with GPS, accelerometers, temperature and other biometric sensors in wearable devices for patient location, medical alerts, data acquisition, or the controlled release of medications. CAP-XX supercapacitors […]

Metering Applications (AMR)

To reduce the costs of manual meter reading and increase energy use efficiency, utility companies are investing in AMR systems to automate the process. These devices often have significant power demands, needing to support radio frequency communications (including for “last gasp” transmissions to alert operators to power outages) and, in some cases, to open or […]

Point of Sale (POS) terminals and ruggedized PDAs are used extensively in the retail, wholesale, logistics and manufacturing industries, and need to support a number of high power features, often at the same time, and sometimes at low temperatures. The power pulses needed for the radio frequency transmissions, and the additional peak currents which may […]