Metering Applications (AMR)

comm_c2_AMR2To reduce the costs of manual meter reading and increase energy use efficiency, utility companies are investing in AMR systems to automate the process. These devices often have significant power demands, needing to support radio frequency communications (including for “last gasp” transmissions to alert operators to power outages) and, in some cases, to open or close emergency shut-off valves when the primary power supply fails.

In mains-powered meters, the supercapacitor will provide useful power smoothing and a backup power supply. In meters powered by batteries, the supercapacitor will provide all the peak power needed to operate the AMR systems and ensure the longest possible battery life. With their extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C), small size, low ESR, and environmental friendliness, CAP-XX supercapacitors provide the ideal solution for secure data collection and transmission in a distributed metering environment.

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